Speaker Boehner

Speaker Boehner

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Electorate issued a Restraining Order

I am a lawyer, therefore, legal terms as metaphors work for me. Charles Krauthammer, the sober, mature voice of the Center-Right likens the result of the election to a restraining order. He gives warnings similar to those issued by Marco Rubio and Mike Steele (see earlier posts):

"This is not, however, a rejection of Democrats as a party. The center-left party as represented by Bill Clinton remains competitive in every cycle. (Which is why he was the most popular, sought-after Democrat in the current cycle.) The lesson of Tuesday is that the American game is played between the 40-yard lines. So long as Democrats don't repeat Obama's drive for the red zone, Democrats will cyclically prevail, just as Republicans do.

Nor should Republicans overinterpret their Tuesday mandate. They received none. They were merely rewarded for acting as the people's proxy in saying no to Obama's overreaching liberalism. As one wag put it, this wasn't an election so much as a restraining order.

The Republicans won by default. And their prize is nothing more than a two-year lease on the House. The building was available because the previous occupant had been evicted for arrogant misbehavior and, by rule, alas, the House cannot be left vacant."

In other words, the voters meant to stop the Democrats because the liberals, progressives, socialists, Green Police etc. hijacked what should be a center-left party. They didn't give the GOP carte blanche. The point of this blog will be to figure out what this means on the practical side of governance.


From: Tim Howes

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